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Appearance, Character, Relationships

This is a sunny Sunday morning. Mary (a slim girl with chubby cheeks, upturned nose and ginger shoulder length hair) is sitting in a small café near the Eiffel Tower and waiting for her close friend Jenifer. Having a good relationship since that time they were studying in the school, they formed a lasting friendship and now they try to keep in touch with each other. They have always hit it off with each other and have never allowed anybody to come between them. However, since that time Jenifer fell madly in love with Harry their friendship become not so important for her as formerly, even today Jenifer is late for an hour. Despite the fact, that Mary doesn`t have a tendency to make snap decisions she thinks that her happy-go-lucky friend forgot that Mary asked her out to the café. But in some minutes she notices an immaculately groomed girl with auburn hair who is approaching to her. Her striking appearance attracts a lot of attention but when she comes closer Mary notices her tearful eyes. Not even saying “Hello!”, she begins her story:
He seems to Jenifer rather a cold fish but she has decided not to judge a book by its cover. Both girls were over the moon that they met and got an opportunity to support each other. In some minutes they forgot about all their troubles and were enjoying coffee and cakes.

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