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Final Blogpost

            Dear students,
It is a common knowledge that if you want to enjoy the fruits of your hard work in the future you should be an eager beaver right now. Of course, till now you have just realized that to be a straight A student and pass all your exams with flying colors is not as easy as ABC. However, it is my firm conviction that if you take the advantage of being a student of our faculty success is guaranteed. It is just a question of practice and your persistence.
There are a lot of subjects we are taught and I take the view that each of them will contribute to our remarkable achievements in the future but one of the most important subjects for me is Vocabulary of Modern English. I subscribe the theory that if you are going to speak some foreign language fluently you should grasp the importance of learning as much new words as possible because they will definitely come in useful while you will be working or just having relaxing holiday abroad.
To be honest, I have never had an excellent grasp of learning new words and I often was on the rocks where it was needed to say something because I was unable to choose an appropriate word quickly. My decision was not to put off my opportunity to develop my language skills and now I can say with a great pleasure that I really made good progress. Writing blog posts and using different online tools, actually, were not only very effective and different tasks from which we were doing before but also were great examples how useful can be up-to-date technologies in learning languages.
Next year you will also have an opportunity to learn great degree of new words and I honestly think that you will not goof off during the classes or play hooky and you will get through this course. Frankly speaking, you will have to cover a lot of ground and sometimes even burn the midnight oil to cope with all the stuff but you know that practice makes perfect. In order to make your study effective do not try to cram all the material before the final module but try to learn some words every day and brush up on them once or twice a week. Also it is very useful to take some expressions and definition down during the classes which your instructor or groupmates mention so then if you will have a degree of uncertainty about some word you can easily look through your notes and find it. Moreover, you should arrange you own vocabulary where you can show your creativity and write words and definitions in different ways: create word maps, word forks, word bubbles or trees. Those images will have a lot of influence on your memory and will help you to remember words easily and not to forget them after the module.
In conclusion, I just want to say that if you arrive at a decision to reach brilliant success and do not want your hopes were dashed you should not pass up the opportunity to keep up with all the material you will be given. You should also be ready to encounter some difficulties and never give up because your burning desire to be successful should be stronger that your fear to fail miserably.

Good luck!!!

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